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Board Members & Committee Heads

Board Members & Committee Heads

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Oakland Strokes oversees the programs and provides strategic leadership for the staff and coaches. The Board consists of A-level and B-level members. The A-level members are non-parents who bring expertise in rowing and business to our organization. The Strokes currently have two former Olympic rowers, a former collegiate coach, and a USRowing Board member on our board. The B-level members are parents who form the volunteering backbone of our organization.

The Board of Directors includes the Coach’s Liaison Committee. Created in 1995, this committee is tasked to act as a confidential resource for parents to access the coaches and the organization. Covering everything from simple how and why questions to mediating disputes, the liaisons act as an unbiased third party. Contact the liaisons by emailing  or leaving a message at 510.926.4100 ext 5.


Dan Herbert – Chairman

Kay Worthington – Coach’s Liaison’s Committee

Sebastian Bea – Coach’s Liaison’s Committee

Jim Farrell – Coach’s Liaison’s Committee

Peter Brand – Boathouse Committee

Rebecca Demorest – Medical Committee

Bill Fehr – Fundraising Committee

John Heylin – Advertising Committee

Steve Johnson – Scholarship Committee

Andy Stenovec – At large


Rick Benson – President

Simo Hoite – Vice President 

Denisa Feddersen – Treasurer

Mollie Ricksen – Fundraising Committee Head

Sergei Lilichenko – Registrar

Ann Palmer – Secretary

Jon McDonald –Volunteer Coordinator


Priscilla McDonald, Pamela Gelson – Race Day Food

Karyn Mundelius, Courtney Dettlinger – Apparel

Cheryl Richards – Publicity

Allen Nan – Regatta Finish Line

Laura Cvitanovic – Photography

Sean Mulluigan – Regatta Water Safety

Joeseph Cheng – Regatta Medical

Inga Heuser – Regatta Parking