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High School Racing Team

High School Racing Team

Come to our Open House Events for the Novice teams on August 19th and 26th, 2017 from 10am-11am at Tidewater Boathouse.

The High School Racing Team is a school year program for grades 9 to 12. The season mimics the school year, starting in early September and running through the Southwest Junior Rowing Championships (SWRJAs) in early May. Depending on their finish at SWRJAs, some athletes will qualify for the Youth national Championships in mid-June. 

Please select your team based on the following criteria:

  • Men’s squad (coxswains may be women)
  • Women’s squads
  • Novice: any first year High School athlete 
  • Varsity: any returning athlete that has completed their Novice season  


The Oakland Strokes strive to keep dues as minimal as possible while maintaining excellent staff and equipment. We have benchmarked other rowing programs and other sports and found that Strokes continues to be one of the best sports values in the Bay Area. In addition to dues, over the last few years we have been more dependent on the wonderful generosity of our parents and others to keep our budget balanced and to meet the growing demands for equipment and coaches. We will be counting on the continuation of this generosity to make our budget balance. Dues include travel to all local races.  Team travel to regattas beyond the Bay Area is not included in the dues structure.



Returning Varsity, Men & Women (per semester) $1950
Novice, Men & Women (per semester) $1950
Two-week trial period for Novices
(Fall semester is credited against
full semester cost)


Register for the competitive high school racing team on here:

Squad Size

When considering the optimal squad size for The Oakland Strokes, we strive to balance each rower's experience with overall team performance. Our staff and our facilities have delivered that optimal outcome in the past when our squad numbered roughly 240 rowers. Spread across four teams, this squad size provides a great balance of team breadth and depth. At this level of team size we find that coaches can sufficiently deliver a solid average rower experience while also delivering the team performance that we all desire.

The Oakland Strokes strive to make rowing available to all those who wish to compete. We tried implementing cuts a few years ago and found that it did not match our ethos. We do not plan to make any cuts during the 2017-2018 season.