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The Oakland Strokes offers competitive and recreational rowing programs for grades 6-12.


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High School Racing Team

If you’re in grade 8 to 12 and interested in racing, but you’re new to rowing, please choose “Novice Competitive Team”; if you’ve completed at least one season of high school competitive rowing, choose “Varsity Competitive Team.”

The High School Racing Team is a school year program for grades 9 to 12. The season mimics the school year, starting in early September and running through the Southwest Junior Rowing Championships (SWRJAs) in early May. Depending on their finish at SWRJAs, some athletes will qualify for the Youth national Championships in mid-June. 

The team is separated into Men’s and Women’s squads, and each squad consists of a Novice and Varsity team. The Novice team is for any first year High School athlete. The Varsity team is for any returning athlete that has completed their Novice season. Note that women may act as coxswains on the Men’s squad. 

NOVEMBER START DATE: We have a special start date for those who would like to try rowing after completing a Fall season sport or activity.  Please come down for our November 6th start date! Reduced fees available when you register.


The Middle School Program is a series of camps held during the school year for grades 6 to 8.  Each camp is a 5 week session that is focused on teaching the basics of rowing, including stroke development and fitness.  While each session is a separate entity, athletes who sign up for multiple sessions will find something new to learn each time they go on the water.


The Advanced Middle School Program is a school year development program for grade 8. The athletes in the Advanced Middle School Program must attend at least one regular Middle School camp and obtain their coach’s permission to enroll in the program. The program focuses on improved rowing technique and fitness, with the rowers being eligible to race in specified Middle School events during the year.

Summer Rowing

The Strokes host a variety of summer camps, ranging from those who have never taken a stroke to those training to compete in prestigious regattas. There are programs for everyone. The schedule for summer rowing camps will be posted in Spring 2017.

Regattas & Events

Sign up for a team trip or to attend a team event.

To sign up for a team trip or event, please click on the “Register at” button above.


The Oakland Strokes seeks to ensure that no young person is deprived of the opportunity to row and compete for want of financial means. The Scholarship Committee grants aid based on financial need, positive attitude and volunteer participation. All grants are subject to certification by a coach that the rower had good attendance and a positive attitude the prior semester (waived for new novice rowers).

Typically, Oakland Strokes tries to provide financial aid to any family that requests it. All information provided in the application is confidential and is reviewed only by our board’s Scholarship Committee.  It is important to be as clear and concise on the financial aid application as to the need.

Apply for a scholarship here

If you have any questions about financial aid, please send an email to