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Help Support Oakland Strokes

The Oakland Strokes runs on the generosity of our donors. All donations, no matter the amount, help us improve our facilities, buy equipment, fund financial aid for our athletes and operate day to day.  


The Oakland Strokes uses world class equipment to allow our rowers the opportunity to compete at the highest level possible. This equipment is continuously maintained to keep it in top working shape. However, all equipment has a finite lifetime and will be in need of replacement after enough years. Donations by our generous members and extended family help keep the Strokes equipment fleet up to speed!

Financial Aid

Oakland Stokes is committed to ensuring no youth is turned away because they can’t afford the full standard fees. Last year, we awarded more than $60,000 in financial aid, and we are budgeted increases over the coming years to help make rowing more accessible to all. Your donations make this Financial Aid possible.

Giving Levels

The Oakland Strokes gladly accepts gifts of all sizes. We have created the following giving levels to help guide your decision making. All donations are tax deductible. Many employers have matching gift programs that can double or triple your charitable contribution!

Tax Deductible

Donations are tax-deductible, provided that you have not received any goods or services in exchange for your gift. Oakland Strokes is tax-exempt under IRS section 501(c)3 and our tax ID is 94-3132016. You may give to the Strokes via the following methods:

  • via Classy/WePay link below
  • during Spring registration on
  • mail a check made out to Oakland Strokes, 4096 Piedmont Avenue, PMB 308, Oakland, CA 94611 Attn: Fundraising Chair


To donate to our annual fundraiser, please click the link below, scroll down to the squad or individual you would like to support, and click the “Donate” button. We appreciate your support!


To make other financial contributions or if you have questions

Contact board member Mollie Ricksen

Donating Stock

Instructions on how to donate stock

For questions about registration credits

Contact the team registrar