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Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid Application

The Oakland Strokes seeks to ensure that all young people interested in rowing have the opportunity to participate, so we offer limited financial aid. We try to help those with the greatest need—families earning less than double the Bay Area median household income—but we recognize that special circumstances can make things hard for those with higher incomes.

To qualify, families must complete the financial aid application and provide supporting documents, including a tax return, before they can register. Please be as clear and thorough on the application as possible. All information you provide is confidential and reviewed only by our board’s Scholarship Committee.

To submit a Financial Aid application, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the form below including all applicable fields.
  2. Click on the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Send in a copy of the first few pages of your tax return, see instructions below.

Once your application has been received, you will get an email from the Scholarship Committee regarding registration. This email will contain instructions about how to register for the team. Please do not register for the team while the aid request is pending.

Note: All rowers MUST register online before they go out on the water.

Any field marked with an * denotes a required field.

Financial Aid Application

Rower Information
Rower's Name *
Rower's Name
Application Date *
Application Date
Program *
Select the program you are requesting aid for.
Parent/Guardian Information
Primary Contact Mailing Address *
Primary Contact Mailing Address
The primary mailing address where all communications will be sent.
Annual income of the primary parent/guardian. Use only a whole number, do not use the "$" symbol or cents (e.g. "1.99").
Secondary Parent/Guardian Name
Secondary Parent/Guardian Name
Please provide all information for the Secondary Parent/Guardian if your child has two parents/guardians.
Annual income of the secondary parent/guardian. Use only a whole number, do not use the "$" symbol or cents (e.g. "1.99").
Secondary Parent/Guardian Mailing Address
Secondary Parent/Guardian Mailing Address
Additional Information
Please indicate the amount of financial aid you are requesting as a percentage of the total tuition.
How many children under age 18 are in your rower’s household?
Written by a parent or guardian, this is your opportunity to tell the scholarship committee anything you’d like them to know about your situation. Please mention whether your financial situation has changed since your latest federal tax return was filed. You can paste this statement into the box from another program to make it easier to prepare and edit.
Please list volunteer skills or areas of interest where you could contribute to the volunteer pool that is critical to the teams ongoing success.


Send in a copy pages one and two of your most recent Federal Tax form 1040 showing your taxable income. PLEASE BLOCK OUT THE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. If parents or guardians filed separately, please include both returns.

Email your information to:
Mail your information to:
Oakland Strokes Scholarship Committee
4096 Piedmont Ave PMB 308
Oakland, CA 94611
(Please do not send other communications or registration material to this address.)